Our Story

A new retail model
direct from the source

A new way of buy luxury quality: sustainable and accessible

We are in a constant research for the best factories in Italy to re-design a new shopping experience.
Thanks to our direct-to-you model, our makers produce on-demand after the order is completed – in doing so, we are able to offer the superior quality at attainable prices with no waste and without any middle-man mark-ups.
Our motto is: Buy less, Buy Better.


Since we are live


Products delivered worldwide


The reasons why you should buy an Artknit piece

Our Commitments

In creating ARTKNIT, we’ve challenged every design and industry rule in order to upgrade your shopping experience with superior quality at fair price.

Luxury Quality

We select the most talented workshops in Italy and we source superior-quality materials in order to provide you with the same quality of the luxury brands at a fraction of the price


Thanks to our digital distribution there are no intermediaries between you and our makers, that's the reason why we are able to keep prices surprisingly attainable

Transparent and Sustainable

We select materials that are sustainable and low environment impact. Thanks to our model we are able to bring inventory waste to zero and provide 100% transparency

Artknit Family

Our heterogeneous team is made of smart, innovative people.
We come from different industries, from art and fashion, to digital and finance, and we daily collect and bundle our different know-how in order to shape a new player in the fashion industry.

Our outside perspective allows us to re-think of the traditional cycles of the fashion industry and redesign a more transparent and affordable way to buy superior-quality clothes.

Alessandro Lovisetto

Founder & CEO

Alessandro Lovisetto is the Co-Founder and CEO of Artknit Studios, where he runs the company and sets overall strategy. Prior to Artknit Studios, Alessandro collected a number of international experiences in multinational companies covering both strategic and M&A positions. Alessandro holds a Triple Degree in Management, Strategy and Corporate Finance from ESCP Europe Business School.

Matteo Upinot

Product & Design Expert

As Managing Director of Design at Artknit Studios, Matteo is in charge of the product design efforts. Prior to Artknit Studios he collected more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, working for a number of international brands such as the CAMO Factory and Fashion Group, where he served as consultant for luxury segment in Europe and Asia.

Andrea Meloni

Digital & Ads Specialist

Marta Delpiano

Pr & Communication Manager

Anna Castellazzo

Product & Design Expert

Monica Servo

Customer & E-commerce Specialist

Agnes Jou

Creative & Stylist Expert

The Principles behind our Products


We create products that cannot be measured by time therefore they never go out of style. We believe in eternal beauty, for this reason we do not follow trends and we do not create collections. In fact, our products are meant to last beyond seasons.


We ensure all parts of makers are safe and healthy. We enforces safety procedures that care for the best interest of workers. Ar Artknit we do not sacrifice our artisans' health for increased productivity.
All our makers are based in Italy and we ensure that they are treated fairly, with balanced work hours, appropriate compensation.

Zero Waste

Our set of principles are focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. Our goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean. Our commitment is to produce only limited amount of pieces in order to to bring inventory waste to zero and to reject overconsumption.