What is Artknit Studios?

Artknit is a new way of buying clothes.

It is a digital platform where we curate and sell high-quality pieces made by selected factories in Italy.

At Artknit our mission is to create a direct-link between the best Italian makers and their final customers around the world. We aim to redesign a more transparent and affordable way to buy luxury clothes without any middle-man markups. In creating it, we’ve challenged every design and industry rule in order to upgrade your shopping experience with superior quality at fair price.

Does it exist a proper shop together with the e-commerce?

Artknit Studios is an online platform only. We don’t have a physical point of sale by now, but we don’t exclude that we could have one soon! Follow us and be the first to know when and where this will happen. Meanwhile, you can lose yourself in our world and get fascinated by our premium quality products, all proudly made in Italy.

Where are Artknit Studios items produced?

All our makers are in Italy and in order to guarantee a 100% Made in Italy production we use Italian-made materials as well.

Is it possible to contact one of the Artknit Studios’ makers?

Unfortunately, Artknit Studios is not allowed to share the direct contact of its makers and suppliers. If you are interested in contacting them, or to know more about themselves you could write to us and ask what you are interested to know. We will be glad to let you discover more about our makers, personal and direct contacts excluded.

Why should I trust Artknit Studios?

In creating ARTKNIT, we’ve challenged every design and industry rule to offer our clients direct access to premium quality at attainable prices. Artknit Studios represents the art of making. It involves passion, care and emotion. As far as the crafting processes are concerned, our makers’ processes work together with precise technological tools, managed with professionalism and care in order to guarantee the optimal success of the final result. At Artknit Studios we are obsessed with details and we personally care about every single step of the realization, from the selection of its yarn suppliers, to its knitwear makers, to the final delivery of the purchase. We create honest, trustful and sincere relationships with our makers, by sharing with them our values. By trusting us you will become a better consumer yourself.



Why some pieces of your knitwear capsule could be customized, whereas some other pieces couldn’t?

When we refer to customization, we do not refer to the possibility to make a 100% custom new knitwear piece from the beginning. Not for now, at least. By now you will be able to choose among a series of customizations (such as size, colour, neck, sleeves, pockets and length) that we have previously tested with our knitwear makers and for which we can assure excellent results. Not all the items, indeed, offer to such changes.

What does it mean that some of the Artknit Studios knitwear pieces are limited edition only?

Artknit Studios is committed to bring the best artisans and factories online. Most of our knitwear makers are very little workshops and cannot handle a mass production. At Artknit Studios we make every piece one at the time, involving passion, care for details and enthusiasm in what we do. In order to always reach excellent results even for the most complex items, we need to make a deal with our knitwear makers, respecting their production capacity. Artknit Studios takes care of the artisanal Italian production and we preserve the Italian quality by providing a limited number of pieces to be made per drop. The maximum quantity of pieces decided per item cannot be modified, neither by Artknit nor by the maker. Once the last piece has been sold, the model will be no more available. Artknit will regularly updated its Webpage with the number of pieces till available.

How could an Artknit Studios knitwear piece be available at attainable price, despite its high quality?

We sell and ship directly from our artisans’ workshops without any middlemen, which is how we’re able to keep prices attainable without any hidden mark-up.

How can I add initials to my knitwear pieces?

Where possible, you have just to select Add Initials once you have selected your favorite model, size and color. You can choose up to 3 letters. Initials will be followed by a dot and they will be in capital letters or lowercase ones, depending on how you write them. We will follow exactly your text.

When can I choose the color of my knitwear garment?

While on the item you like, you can easily choose your size and the color you like the most for your purchase by selecting it on the right column of your page (if you are looking at the page from a PC; below the pictures if you are on a mobile version).

When can I select my size?

While on the item you like, you can easily choose your size by selecting it on the right column of your page (if you are looking at the page from a PC; below the pictures if you are on a mobile version). If you are not sure about your size, you can check the Size Guide towards specific link below the Add to Cart button.

How should I wash my knit piece?

In order to make your knit piece last longer and better, first of all bear in mind that your knitwear garment shouldn’t need to be washed every time you wear it.

Whether your merino wool or cashmere knitwear can be machine washed, it is highly dependent on the type of washing machine you have, and the cycles it offers. Firstly, ensure that it’s at 30 degrees maximum on the hand wash setting. If you feel nervous about this you can always hand wash, just be sure not to wring when finished.

In order to avoid any damage, always hand wash. When hand washing, DO NOT use normal laundry powder or liquid, it is too harsh for the little woolen fibers, and can damage your knitwear.

Also, in case you need to know more about the proper way to take care of your knit piece, feel free to consult our guide on our journal.

Who do I contact for PR release or an interview with Artknit Studios founders?

Please kindly write to us at info@arknit-studios.com. Thank you!



How can I check the status of my order?

You can login into your profile page and check the status of your knit piece or any other Artknit studios item in there. You can easily contact us in case you need more information, we are more than happy to help you.

Could I ask for an invoice of the purchased item?

Of course. You can easily request it on the order note and our finance team will be more than happy to assist.

Which is the shipping cost amount?

Part of the shipping costs are in charge of the client and the total amount is counted in the final step of the purchase because their amount changes depending on the country of shipping. It is around 6€ for Italy and Europe, 10€ for the rest of the world shipping.

How could I buy items from artknit-studios.com?

In order to guarantee safe transactions, Artknit Studios pieces can be purchased through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal accounts, accessible both by credit card as well as prepaid card.


I don’t like the item I bought. Could I exercise the right of withdrawal?

By agreeing to Artknit Studios Terms and Conditions you already agree to the provisions related to the rights of withdrawal and return policy. Bearing in mind that Artknit Studios works in the respect of what you require, by customizing your item as you ask and following the best standards possible in order to satisfy your dreams, you have the right to withdraw from the agreement. If you don’t like the item that you receive, you can send it back to us for free, if any custom taxes will be applied – those are on you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have to let us know within the period of 14 days as better specified in our Terms and Conditions policy. As soon as Artknit Studios receive the items Artknit Studios will refund the customer the value of the goods for which Artknit Studios has authorized the return right, to the credit card, bank account or PayPal account used for the payment of the order, within 14 days.

Who should I contact in case of difficulties with the item I have ordered on artknit-studios.com?

In case of problems with the item you’ve ordered, you can contact our team via chat during our business hours (MON-FRI, 9am-8pm) GMT+1. Feel free to reach via email to info@artknit-studios.com. Also, you can text us via WhatsApp or call us at +39 391 48 23 659 and we will be ready to solve your problems and optimize your purchasing experience.

Why do you need up 15 days to delivered an Artknit Studios’ item?

Most of the item on Artknit Studio are hand-made on demand by our makers . We personally look after every passage of the production, from the selection of the yarns till its packaging. We take care of it following tailor made standards of production. Once we receive your order, we pass it to our ateliers where experienced, professional artisans work in order to get the best result following the highest working standards. When the item is produced, we personally take care of the final packaging: we choose both its case and its wrap, and we make sure to deliver your piece of art in the safest way possible. As soon as your purchase is ready, we entrust it to our couriers, and they will take care of your items from our laboratory until your home. The attention to details step by step and the careful managing of the operations will make Artknit Studios items take a longer time than usual to be realized and delivered.

How long does it take to Artknit Studios to deliver the item?

Once the item is ready to ship our courriers usually take 24-48h to deliver the parcel from our workshops to your doorstep.


An error message prevents me to finish my purchase. Why? How can I solve the problem?

You can contact our team via chat during our business hours (MON-FRI, 9am-8pm) GMT+1. Feel free to reach via email to info@artknit-studios.com. Also, you can text us via WhatsApp or call us at +39 391 48 23 659 explaining what is happening. Artknit works day and night to produce the finest pieces and we are available to support our customers in any steps of the purchasing. You can write to info@artknit-studios.com asking for any advice you are looking for.


I’m a factory or an artisan, my workshop is in Italy and I’m interested in being part of the Artknit Studios world, how should I do?

Artknit Studios is always looking for new makers to include in its platform. If you are interested, you have just to contact us by email at info@artknit-studios.com

May I buy an Artknit Studios knit as a gift for someone else? In this case will you ship straight to the address I tell you?

Yes of course! You can buy it as a gift, you can add a gift note before adding it to the cart. There is a proper box to check and we will personally add your message to your parcel.